October 16, 2008

alternative syntax highlighting

an alternative way to do syntax highlighting is using the dojo toolkit. dojo toolkit is a javascript library.

add this code to your template in the same place described in the previous post.

<link href='http://o.aolcdn.com/dojo/1.2/dojox/highlight/resources/highlight.css' rel='stylesheet'/>
<link href='http://o.aolcdn.com/dojo/1.2/dojox/highlight/resources/pygments/default.css' rel='stylesheet'/>
<script djConfig='parseOnLoad: true' src='http://o.aolcdn.com/dojo/1.2/dojo/dojo.xd.js'/>
dojo.addOnLoad(function() {

put all your code inside <pre> and <code> blocks and use a <code class="lang"> to define the language for the code block. valid values for lang are:
  • cpp
  • css
  • delphi
  • django
  • html
  • javascript
  • python
  • sql
  • xml
unfortunately, since php is not supported, i probably won't end up using this option. also, feel free to suggest any other options that i might like better than the 2 i've found so far.